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Volume Based Pricing
Chem-Plate Industries provides a full assortment of secondary operations services to the fastener and metal component industries including:

1.    Continuous furnace hardening,

2.    Induction hardening,

3.    Zinc and zinc nickel electroplating,

4.    Zinc flake dip spin coatings,

5.    Mechanical plating,

6.    Machine sorting of all fault types,

7.    Full A2LA certified laboratory services, and

8.    Custom customer packaging and shipping.

We operate most efficiently when we perform more than one of our many services on your order. By specifying heat treating, plating and sorting on one Purchase Order, we can save you both time and money.

Our equipment is scaled to process larger volumes. In simple economics, the more you help us grow, the more we can help you reduce your bottom line.

Take advantage of Chem-Plate Industries' complete assortment of services on a single purchase order and send us the largest volume lot sizes you can manage to save time, reduce cost, and leverage your buying power. By bundling processes and sending in large, economical lot sizes, you assure a single source for total quality, reduced lead time, reduced trucking costs, and money savings.
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