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Chem-Plate Industries continuously strives to provide its customers with the best service in the global fasteners industry by offering a wide variety of inspection/vision sort and package equipment options, optimized with the latest technology available in the industry today.
There are several reason why you should choose Chem-Plate Industries to sort and package your entire product which requires sort, including:
The Chem-Plate Industries sorting department consists of 14 state-of-the-art vibratory bowl machines and one belt machine that are all equipped with optical lenses, Eddy current, CCM vision, belt sort and vision systems that are used to remove all types of defects, including foreign or mixed parts from production lots created during or after fasteners are made.  These sorting machines utilize fiber optic sensors, lasers, and high speed photographic vision systems to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality sorted parts. We operate a wide variety of sorting machines to give our customers the best possible sorting option to meet their needs.
Chem-Plate Industries also has integrated packaging systems attached to many of our sorting machines. As sorting is often the last step, utilizing our packing services can save your company time and money.
General Inspection: Foreign Material, Presence of Threads, Duds, Major/Minor Thread Diameter, Multiple Diameters, Root Diameter, Point/Tip Diameter, Groove Diameter, Head Diameter, Overall Length, Shank Length, Head Diameter, Presence of Recess, Filled Recess, Heat Treat on a Significant Difference in Hardness and Package Count. Serviced on sizes from M5 to M10 in diameter and from 6 to 80 mm in length.
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