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Quality Standards and Methodology
CHEM-PLATE INDUSTRIES commitment to quality is based upon:
Chem-Plate Industries, Inc. is committed to perform high quality processes for our customers that meet the requirements as ordered and providing unsurpassed service by delivering the product back to the customer as required.
Waste and inefficiency will be eliminated by striving to perform each task correctly the first time, while always seeking improvements to our systems.
Chem-Plate Industries, Inc. has always been on the leading edge of technology in the finishing industry and we are committed to continue to provide innovative solutions for corrosion protection using environmentally friendly processes.
CHEM-PLATE INDUSTRIES has implemented quality systems to ensure that all processed parts meet or exceed customers' specifications for quality. Our Quality Management Systems certification to IATF 16949 and our Laboratory’s A2LA accreditation show that our dedication to quality is a committed program. 
CHEM-PLATE INDUSTRIES is recognized as a leader for corrosion protection and we are continually moving forward with innovative processes for improving the performance of our customers' products. Using our extensive experience, coupled with advanced technology, we offer unique solutions for improved corrosion protection. We have processes and equipment that can offer a higher level of quality than the typical industry standards.
Additionally, through process auditing and frequent customer audits, we are continually improving our systems and processes to improve your experience.
Through the use of state of the art process controls and extensive product testing, CHEM-PLATE INDUSTRIES is committed to meeting our customers' requirements by processing parts to specification with a consistent quality. Each processing step is assessed and conformity is verified before the next step can be performed. Each of our three in-house laboratories are A2LA accredited, staffed with experienced people, and equipped with all the necessary tools and test equipment to ensure product quality.
Our IATF 16949 certification
Our A2LA Accreditation
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