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Here at Chem-Plate Industries, we continually process parts requiring zinc, zinc nickel, and zinc phosphate plating.
We have one of the largest zinc plating lines in the area at our Devon Ave. facility.  With a continuous bake furnace, we can ensure that your parts are in the oven and up to temperature to meet any bake specification. At our facility on Morse Ave., a state-of-the-art upgrade by Jessup Engineering was added to our zinc line, which placed continuous bake directly inline with the plating line. Parts are automatically dumped from the plating barrel directly into an individual bin in the bake oven, assuring not only that parts are baked in time, but by reducing additional handling and the potential for introduction of foreign material. By having two zinc lines to process your work, you are assured that your daily demands are met.
The Devon and Morse facilities jointly share the capability of processing zinc nickel. The Devon facility uses acid bath and the Morse facility uses alkaline bath technologies, allowing Chem-Plate Industries to meet all of your needs. Within the last year, Chem-Plate Industries has acquired the rights to process the finishes that were formerly only capable of being processed by Whyco Technologies. Chem-Plate Industries has made every effort to make this transition as seamless as possible and is capable of turning around any finish well within one week. Rush orders are handled as required.
Our zinc phosphate line at Devon is a Jessup line, capable of processing your Phos & Oil parts to one of eight different recipes so that you can count on a consistent, reliable finish to meet your customers' needs. With the capability of processing 250,000 pounds per day, we are able to maintain a speedy turnaround time to meet your JIT requirements. Morse Avenue’s phos line is used primarily as the base for many of the other finishes that Chem-Plate is able to provide.
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