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Mechanical Plating
Mechanical Plating is a type of metal finishing
process that protects metal parts through the application of a sacrificial metallic coating onto the part.  Parts are usually, but not limited to, steel or copper. This method of plating is also referred to as Peen Plating or cold welding. Mechanical coatings can be applied on a much wider thickness range than electroplating and can also be combined with many different top coats for a customized solution to meet a wide range of requirements. Mechanical plating top coats can provide a range of colors, salt spray hours, torque tension tolerances, and many other specific industry needs.
Mechanical Plating, unlike Electro-Plating, does not utilize an electrical reaction or extreme temperature to “plate the parts.” Instead, it uses a combination of chemical reactions and kinetic force to adhere the metal to the surface of the part. This process has many industry advantages, in both quality and cost. Mechanical plating does not produce Hydrogen Embrittlement and does not require a post bake cycle*. Mechanical plating more easily coats odd shaped parts from chains, to flat parts, to complex sintered metal parts, allowing a company to utilize one process for an array of applications and part types. Additionaly compared to hot dip galvanizing, mechanical plating does not require threads to be chased after plating.
At Chem-Plate Industries, we offer a wide range of mechanical plating processes including Standard Zinc Plating and Galvanizing, Silver Plating, Zinc Aluminum coatings, Tin Coatings, and our CP 2000 process which is a quad metal coating with salt spray in excess of 2500 hours. Through the use of both propriety topcoats and partnerships with suppliers, we can offer mechanical plating with superior adhesion, salt spray, and appearance.
Chem-Plate Industries prides itself on providing a wide range of services to best fit all industries' metal finishing needs. We do not sell the customers just what we have; we have what the customers need. Having the ability to mechanically plate on top of our dip spin, electroplating, and ArmorGalv® processes gives us the unique advantage of being able to offer the best solution for whatever requirements you may have.
* If parts needs to be stripped before Mechanical Plating, it is recommended that the parts be Baked after the stripping process.
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