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Zinc Electroplating
At the core of Chem-Plate Industries is our plating department. We offer zinc, zinc nickel, and zinc phosphate plating. Located at our Devon facility is one of the largest zinc plating lines in the area. Attached to this line is a continuous bake furnace, ensuring that your parts are in the oven and up to temperature to meet any bake specification. At our Morse facility, a state of the art Automatic Plating line upgrade by Jessup engineering was added. We currently run our Attotech Acid Zn/Ni Bath on this line. This line is fully automated with continuous bake directly in-line with the plating line. Parts are automatically dumped from the plating barrel directly into an individual bin in the bake oven assuring that parts are not only baked according to the most stringent specifications, but also helping to avoid mixed parts and better lot control compared to a belt bake oven.
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