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Dip Spin
Chem-Plate Industries is a licensee of Metal Coatings International. With our four Dip Spin lines, including a state of the art paint line, Chem-Plate Industries can process a variety of finishes, including GEOMET®, a large variety of top coats, and additional proprietary paints. The advanced capabilities allow for continual re-orientation of parts during the dipping, spinning, and dumping processes, assuring absolute minimal recess fill and a very uniform coating thickness. Parts can be processed at either the Morse or Devon facilities, ensuring your parts will be processed in a timely manner.
As you can see, with the acquisition of additional assets in ‘2004’, Chem-Plate Industries has redundant capabilities in multiple areas to allow you, our customer, to be assured that your parts will be processed without fail.
For further information please contact us or call 1 (847) 640-1600.
GMW4205 Zinc Nickel/Non-filling Black Epoxy
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