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Cadmium Plating Replacement
   Chem-Plate Industries, in cooperation with its sister company Straus Chemical Corporation, works to keep our processes ahead of the curve. Over the past few years we have been working on new technology to replace and/or reduce
the environmental impact problems associated with older Metal Finishing technologies.
We have developed several Cad Plating Replacement options. These options meet all of the necessary qualities traditionally associated with Cad Plating. Specifically, salt spray corrosion testing, lubricity, and anti-Galling.
Option 1
  Tin-Zinc Alloy Mechanical Plating Plus Proprietary High Corrosion resistant Trivalent passivate.
Salt Spray corrosion Test
240 hours white to 1,000 red
The combination of Zinc/Tin Mechanical plating coating plus the trivalent passivate is an ideal replacement for cadmium because the tin in the coating adds both the corrosion resistance and lubricity mimicking the properties of Cadmium.
Option 2
ArmorGalv® TT
    ArmorGalv® TT is a zinc/iron thermal diffused coating that replaces cad on any iron-containing parts. See the ArmorGalv® section for additional attributes that the ArmorGalv® process possesses.

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