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ArmorGalv® technology is an environmentally friendly process that offers superior corrosion protection and wear resistance, as well as anti-galling properties. Following are some highlights of the ArmorGalv® technology, which is, in fact, a modern, greatly-improved, version of the well-established Sherardizing zinc/iron vapor diffusion process:
ArmorGalv® is not merely a sacrificial coating. It coats and penetrates the surface of any steel part, including wrought and/or forged steel, castings, powdered metal (with no impregnation required!), and all grades of stainless steel to become integrated with the part.  ArmorGalv® is: 
  • Highly Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant.
  • Excellent anti-Galling properties – a replacement for Cadmium.
  • Controllable and Precise - Thicknesses from 0.0004” to 6 Mils (12 to 150 microns).
  • Hard, Non-Magnetic, Weldable and Spark-Free.
  • Chip Proof.
  • Amenable to Crimping and Bending.
  • Highly Heat Resistant 12000F (6500C) continuous service.
  • Excellent Base for Paint, Powder Coating and Rubber Bonding
  • Particularly interesting for powder metal parts, requiring no impregnation and providing not only extremely good corrosion protection, but also improved mechanical properties.
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement free. Heat-treated parts can safely be coated and protected.
  • Works extremely well in harsh marine environments.
  • Completely heavy metal free non-toxic (RoHS compliant). Recipient of the EPA’s MVP2 award (Most Valuable Pollution Prevention technology).

The unique combination of properties offered by the ArmorGalv® coating make it an excellent replacement for cadmium and hex chromium.  It is also very attractive for a variety of military and industrial applications, from construction in corrosive environments, components on ships, weapon systems, land vehicles, mining, deep sea oil platforms, agriculture, and more.
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ArmorGalv® Thermal Diffusion Coating is covered by ASTM # A1059.
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