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About Us
Chem-Plate Industries was founded in 1979 as a zinc plating company which focusedon the automotive fastener industry. Over the past 30 years Chem-Plate Industries has grown from four employees, including its founder and current CEO Martin Straus, to over 300 employees across three buildings located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
Over the years, Chem-Plate Industries has focused on being an asset to our customers. We have expanded our operations into new technologies and complimentary processes to meet customer demand. Chem-Plate Industries is a proven industry leader. Through partnerships with companies such as Straus Chemical Corporation (our sister company), Atotech, and many others, Chem-Plate Industries has achieved the technological component required to process fasteners for the automotive market. Straus Chemical Corporation develops the chemical processes that are utilized by Chem-Plate Industries. This marriage of technology with technique has been instrumental in our continuous growth over the past twenty-four years.
Chem-Plate Industries is an integrated heat treating, plating, and sorting company that supports its customers by providing exceptional quality, fast turn around, at a cost competitive rate. We emphasize innovative solutions through a safety driven, value-added service. We maintain a growth-orientated environment through employee professionalism and state of the art equipment. The needs of our customers always come first.
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